Most Popular Html5 Video Framework

Latest Nuevo plugin for Video.js framework version 6x or 7.x includes several layout changes and few new useful features. Settings button and resoulution switcher menu were completely redesigned for each skin by Nuevolab. Related videos container was redesigned to present unlimited related videos with option to slide bewtween a group of video thumbs. Resolution switcher for multi bitrate HLS and MPEG-DASH streams works fully automatical and can be disabled using appropriate Nuevo plugin option. New resume option arrived to start video playback from last saved time position. Volume value stored for next playback. Nuevo v3 also comes with new "Pinko" premium skin. See changelog.
  • HTML5 Playback

    Used on thousands of video websites, Videojs player framework became most popular standard for HTML5 video playback ensuring that it can handle the most professional use cases.
  • Smooth Streaming

    Compatibile across all platforms Videojs supports most of today streaming formats & codecs including HLS adaptive streaming, MPEG-DASH and HTML5 live streaming, VR and 360° video playback.
  • Nuevo Plugin

    Designed by Nuevolab plugin for Videojs framework includes a variety of useful plugins, options and improvements, all in one file easy to setup and use according to webmaster's preferneces.
  • Advertising

    Multiple advertising plugins for Videojs allows to monetize streaming website. Thanks to Nuevo plugin and dedicated player design video advertising becomes more powerful and easy to integrate, including custom advertising options, VAST, VPAID, Google IMA ads.
  • Unique Design

    For videojs with Nuevo plugin there are multiple available skins, each very unique and carefully designed for best performance and usability under most of popular browsers, differet OS and devices. Keep in touch for even more skins coming soon.
  • Javascript Bridge

    Nuevolab offers dozens of online tests and code examples covering every aspect and option of Nuevo plugin. Package delivered to a client contains over 10 HTML examples showing the most popular usage of player with Nuevo plugin.