Facebook application for website login/connect

November 26, 2014 at 7:22 am

As Nuevolab.com offers some scripts related to Facebook login/register website integration I decided to post how to correctly setup or modify Facebook application required for such purpose (still many people have trouble with it).

First login your Facebook account and navigate to Facebook Developers website at https://developers.facebook.com

From top “Apps” navigation menu select “Add a New App”

Create Facebook app


In next screen select platform “WWW” for your website.

Facebook app for WWW


On next screen type the name of your new Application, eg. “Website Login”

Facebook app name


5. On next screen select Category that your website fits best and click button “Create App ID”

Facebook app category


Now your new Application is alredy created.

Go back to https://developers.facebook.com and from “Apps” menu select your newly created application. From left menu click on “Settings”

In ‘App Domains’ field type your website domain name (without http and www)

In ‘Site URL’ field type your website URL (without www)

Also don’t forget to fill email field with your email address.


Of course you must replace values like “Website name Login”, “yourdomain.com” with names appropriate for your website.

Last step is to activate your application. Click “Status & Review” in right menu block. In top you will see a question: “Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?”  Just switch the option on right to “YES”.


Now your application should be ready for Facebook login/register integration.

You will certainly need to to use App ID and App Secret for this purpose, depending what your integration script requires.