AVS comments fix and free addon

March 25, 2015 at 10:00 pm

It looks that we have same error in AVS script version 3 when you try to edit any comment in site admin.
It was same also in version 2x. The fix is to change 2 words only in one php file.

- Edit file /siteadmin/modules/videos/commentedit.php

- Find word “commen” in 2 placements

- Both change to “comment”

Quite easy. Now you will be able to edit and save comment.


Managing comments in AVS script is not very handy.
First you must find video that comment was posted on on siteadmin’s videos list. This can be really frustrating when you have some hundreds or thousands of videos.

We have prepared 2 small files for siteadmin that makes comments management much easier.
With this small modification you will have access to separate page with video comments only sorted from last to first (you can change sort as well). You can edit comment fast, delete it, preview user details who commented or videos that comment was posted on. Very handy and useful, especially if you have a lot of comments.
This is same modification we already prepared and offered free multiple times for scripts by same developer.

First of all download 2 files in ZIP format here

Follow to page #2 and read tutorial how to install this small modification.