Vacation 2014

August 18, 2014 at 8:28 am

This year together with my wife we decided to spend a week in Riva del Garda, north of Italy at Garda Lake.
This was very active stay, with a lot of bike rides. We’ve made hundreds of photos, check few of them.

Garda Lake


Garda lake is largest and in my opinion the most beautiful lake in Italy, probably in Europe as well. The northern part of the lake is narrower, surrounded by mountains with amazing towns of Riva del Garda in one corner and Torbole in other one.


Pregassina bike road

There are dozens of amazing bike paths, and the route from Riva del Garda to Pregassina is most impressive.

It’s not very difficult to ride, still you need MTB bike to reach Pregassina. The views are just AMAZING!

Route to Pregassina

This is how it looks like from Pregassina hill.

Garda lake panorama

Well, we stopped dozens times to shot a photo :)
My wife is not a good photographer, I’m standing too far… still the view is just killing.

Pregassina bike path

Riding bike down was a lot of fun. Partially you must be careful!


Summarizing, we had only one rainy day, rest was sunny and warm. I would say that this was one of best vacation time we ever had if not the experience with broken finger on 4th day.

broken finger while riding

I had to ride my bike 8 KM to the nearest hospital. Last 2 KM I was escorted by Italian Police. The doctor was very nice, just straightened my finger with one stroke.  After 4 weeks now I’m still not able to bend my finger fully.