AVS version 6, Clipshare version 8 review

December 15, 2017 at 2:00 am

This is Nuevolab review of new features in popular video scripts AVS and Clipshare offer in latest versions.
For both scripts website frontend remains almost unchanged. The only visible change is some difference in video player display. Other very important new thing is function to convert video.


Now player supports switch between multiple possible video resolutions, not only between SD and HD. It can also display 20 small thumbnails over player timeline. Both features are definitely nice step in this new development.
However there are few things that seems to be not so great and may force people to search for better solution.

  • Video player always starts video playback at highest possible resolution and you can’t change this. If the highest available resolution is 1080p, this is what video player will attempt to play for every user, no matter whether this is desktop or mobile devices. Especially on mobile device this is only waste of bandwidth and risk that many website visitors will be frustrated because of slow streaming and may not come back ever!
  • Video uploaded before script upgrade will play as before, with option to switch between SD and HD quality. But now this will be HD video to play first and you cannot change it. Additionally HD video will be marked as 1080p resolution, what in almost 100% is FALSE, since mostly this is not higher than 720p.
  • Timeline thumbnails are showing properly, though it’s not so accurate since there is only 20 thumbs per timeline, combined into sprite jpg from existing video thumb pictures. Bad thing is that video php script attempts to generate such sprite every time when only page opened, no matter if thumbnail sprite already exist or not.


Video conversion in latest AVS/CLIPSHARE version is completely new development. Video encoding commands are ffmpeg commands instead of old mencoder and requires one of newer ffmpeg versions installed on server. Recommended version is 3.0+ though I think that ffmpeg 2.6 should work as well.
Conversion function makes use of ffprobe to get source video details and qt_faststart tool to move mp4 MOOV atom.

Conversion function code is shorter, well coded and does its job well. Congratulations.
If user decides to encode video into 4 or 5 different aspect ratio videos, conversion may take longer time than before, but this is obvious.

What is missing in new conversion function is conversion queue.

  • h264 encoding is demanding process, takes as much CPU and RAM as it is available on the board. Encoding many videos at same time may slow down website load time or even crash one of encoding processes.



    Regarding video conversion Nuevolab offers CONVERSION QUEUE script, similar to one offered for previous versions. Website admin can decide how many video can be converted at same time. List of videos in queue is presented in Admin section with option to delete every single video from queue.
    Video queue script for recent AVS/Clipshare version includes also really nice conversion tweak, which automatically approve video or makes it available for manual approve just after first encoded resolution. Since most of uploaded video are in h264/mp4 format this means that such uploaded video is either automatically approved or available to approve manually almost immediately!
    The price for new queue script is same as for previous versions and can be ordered at


    VideoJs player with Nuevolab plugin v2 is based on same engine as AVS/Clipshare player in latest version. According to player issues described above, player by Nuevolab offers different resolution switcher which allows to set default resolution to play first. Additionally resolution switcher by Nuevolab fires custom player event which allows to remember last resolution changed by user and play next video with stored settings.

    VideoJs v2 by Nuevolab for AVS/Clipshare script is offered now with basic timeline thumbs plugin included and with advanced overlay AnyAd plugin. Both were offered as separate premium plugins before.
    Timeline thumbs plugin supports sprite generated by ASV/Clipshare script, and additionally takes care not to generate it if it already exists.
    New exciting option in new Nuevolab player integration for AVS/Clipshare is support for VR360 Panorama videos!
    And one more new feature will be watch time limit for embedded video. Admin can decide to limit watching videos (seconds). After limit reached, appropriate message is displayed with link to original video website.

    Of course there are dozen of other exciting features that differs VideoJs by Nuevolab from basic VideoJs by AVS/Clipshare script, like related videos container, sharing options, playback speed selection, zoom effect, preroll video option and custom player skin, quite different from default VideoJs skin used by thousands of other people on their websites.

    VideoJs with Nuevolab plugin v2 is currently ready for AVS v6 and for Clipshare v8 scripts. You can preorder it and have it today if you email Nuevolab using contact form.
    Once we prepare it for older AVS/Clipshare versions (3.x) we will start to update Nuevolab website presented it fully and set new pricing model. Existing Nuevolab users with VideoJs plugin registered will have option to upgrade player.

    UPDATE: Now we have Nuevolab plugin v.2 ready for all AVS script versions starting from version 3.x, including latest v6 and for Clipshare script from version v5.x, including latest v8 version.