Comments on your website are important!

January 24, 2018 at 4:05 am

Website comments importance

  • Comments help develop a community for your site.
  • When handled properly, comments can increase the traffic, subscriptions and interactions on your website
  • Comments on your page become part of the page and part of Google’s index
  • Comments is one of ranking factors to search engines. Search engines look at website page with a lot of comments as something that is relevant.
  • Comments on your website show how popular your website is.

Do not disregard comments!

If you look at some of most popular websites in your niche, most of them are filled with big number of comments. This is especially important for website pages generated dynamically by your script, like video pages. Usually such pages are very similar, with minimum written content. Comments can change this drastically!

And all we know that CONTENT IS THE KING!