Videojs v7 and Nuevo plugin v3

August 27, 2018 at 10:35 pm

The latest official version of VideoJs framework is 7.1.0 though version 7.2.0 is also available in official repository.
Initially first version 7 appeared with HLS library built in. But seems it was not good idea and in latest versions such idea was left. Indeed there is no sense to load much bigger javascript file if we do not need HLS streaming support.

Plugins released for Videojs versions 6 should work same for versions 7.

Also Nuevo plugin works well with Videojs 7.
However Nuevo plugin was upgraded to version 3 and it’s pretty big update.

All skins have been redesigned and now they come with new related videos container, completely new settings menu with option to include resolution picker inside it. Additionally new skin “Pinko” arrived.
You can preview all 6 skins at

Nuevo plugin v3 also comes with lot of new code improvements and new features and some of them are:

- new feature to remember last volume value for next play
- an option to resume video playback from time position it was recently left
- automatic resolution switcher for multi bitrate MOEG-DASH stream
- an option to discard HLS and MOEG-DASH resolution switcher
- optimized progressbar thumbs plugin to display thumbs of different size
- new BASH script to generate progressbar thumbs from video using FFMPEG