Videojs Nuevo plugin v4

February 12, 2019 at 6:23 pm

There is not much new in Nuevo plugin v4 for Videojs player, however there are some important changes that are worth to write about.

As far Nuevo plugin was using jQuery library for most of operations on DOM elements. JQuery was loaded only if it was not loaded before. We were always concerned how this can affect different CMS or websites using different versions of jQuery.

Nuevo plugin v4 was completely reprogrammed to use only pure javascript and leave jQuery completely. This was real challenge for us. Internet is full of jQuery javascript replacement functions, but most of them are useless for professional use. So we spent a lot of time to write necessary functions and replace hundreds of javascript functions.

It’s worth to mention that pure javascript is usually 2-3 faster than jQuery and nuevo Plugin without jQuery loads faster too. Using pure javascript also minimize any incompatibility with other programming platforms and CMS types.

Nuevo plugin v4 comes without Youtube plugin and playback. The Youtube API player became really poor and we decided that it’s not worth including by default. Some time ago Youtube decided to disable video quality change for API player, and lately they also decided to disable option that allows to hide video noticiations. Now it almost doesn’t differ from standard Youtube iframe player and it makes not big sense in using it. Still you can use separate 3rd party Youtube plugin for videojs.

New option in Nuevo v4 plugin is overlay feature on each video pause event. The content of overlay is taken from separate html page which can be just anything. Mostly such overlay is used to display banner ads from ad networks or from own ad repository. Overlay is very easy to apply. Just one more option with overlay URL.

The Picture2Picture plugin has been also reprogrammed. It also doesn’t use jQuery and design was slightly changed to use more elegant header bar with buttons instead of buttons overlayed on video.

We also took a closer look into Mpeg/dash streaming issues. Improved the way how possible qualities are detected for single dash source. As far this was working only if dash source assigned separately through videojs. Now it also works as standard video source. We also deliver patched version of open source hls.js library to avoid some annoying console notifications, especially when changing dash source while playing video.

Finally last very important change.
From version 4 Nuevo plugin license is for 3 domains instead of one.
By default user must provide one domain name. Later he can generate license for next 2 domains himself. This works automatically and fast in Nuevolab clientarea.