Website load speed

January 25, 2020 at 1:23 am

Recently I dedicated a lot of time to speed up some of our websites loading time.
Our servers are located in Germany. Websites load time was quite good from near locations in Europe, about 2 seconds. But from Americas, Asia, Australia load measuring tools were showing 5-15 seconds. That’s pretty disappointing.

So I started to optimize code, reduced javascript and css, optimized images, used smart image lazy loading (seo friendly, not visible for user).
This improved speed slightly, but still was far from what we call “fast website”.

Then I decided to use CDN. First this was Cloudflare, but the result was not so impressive and worst was that we could not choose file types to be chached in easy way.

So we switched to payed CDN service and to cache all static files like javascript, images, css, but not video files just to cut the costs.
First impression was quite good. Then after further tweaks, like optimilization of custom fonts and Google fonts, Analytics code, etc the final result was really IMPRESSIVE.

Just one page example:
It was loading 5.4 sec. from Washngton, US location. Now it’s loading 0.9-1.0 sec. More than 5 times faster!

What’s more, Google Webmaster Tools experimental Speed stats as far was showing all URls of our websites in orange color (moderate speed). Today one of our websites got all URLs green (fast) !

And probably you know that website loading speed is one of important factors to rank website in Google search engine. I’m ot sure if it’s just incident, but indeed we noticed traffic and conversion increased.

For tests we used established, but one of cheapest CDN service. Very easy to configure. But of course it took a lot of time to apply all changes to dynamic website.

About the costs. Since we decided to cache only some type of static files like javascript, images, css, txt files, we expect monthly cost below $ 5.00. That’s bargain!