Nuevoplayer options list and XML examples

License key

This is obligatory parameter that must be set within player javascript setup code or inside XML config file.
  • regkey (undefined): Your license key

XML import

  • config ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    parameter "config" points to single XML file URL, in which you can define any number of parameters below. This is very useful option, allows to to have only one parameter inside player setup code instead of many possible.
    Examples: XML PHP
  • playlist ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    parameter "playlist" points to single XML file URL, used to define multiple media tracks for a player with playlist
    Examples: XML PHP
  • related ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    parameter "related" points to single XML file URL, used to define videos presented inside related window
    Examples: XML PHP

Media parameters

  • file ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    location of the mediafile to play. Check supported media types.
  • filehd ( undefined ) Flash
    location of alternative (higher quality) media file to play. Supported media files as for file option
  • image ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    location of a preview image shown in display.
  • mediaid ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    Unique media item id to identify it later, eg. used as parameter for email script.
  • url ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    URL of the website page with original video, show in embed section of player menu. Also used for video window click action if defined.
  • title ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    Video title used to share on social networks.
  • embedcode ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    Video embed code to insert on website or blog, shown in embed section of player menu.
  • provider ( undefined ) Flash
    The following providers are supported: youtube (for Youtube videos), rtmp (for files played from an RTMP server), http (videos played as http pseudo-streaming, using server streaming mods). If not defined provider is detected by the player based upon the file extension.
  • httpparam ( start ) Flash
    Query string used to send start position for pseudo-http streaming.
  • streamer ( undefined )Flash
    Location of an rtmp/http server instance to use for streaming. Can be an RTMP application or external PHP/ASP file.
  • livestream ( false )Flash
    Set 'true' if this is live stream. This allows to prevent default player play/pause actions and use stream reconnect instead.
All listed parameters you can set within player setup code, however due to possible big number of options we strongly suggest to set them all within one XML file and make use of option "config", which points to URL of XML file.

Preroll video

  • preroll_src ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    Preroll video source file URL
  • preroll_url ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    Target URL on preroll video click action
  • preroll_target ( _blank ) Flash+HTML5
    Window target for for preroll click URL
  • preroll_id ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    Unique id number sent to used to identify video
  • preroll_duration ( 5 ) Flash+HTML5
    Duration of preroll media file, required for image media type
  • preroll_skipad ( 0 ) Flash+HTML5
    Number of seconds for skip preroll feature. If not defined, skip feature is not available


  • skin ( undefined ) Flash+HTML5
    Skin name. For flash this must be swf skin file name, for HTML5 this must be skin folder name. Can be same for flash and HTML5.
  • html5skin ( undefined ) HTML5
    skin name for HTML5 only. Skin file must be located in player's subfolder named 'skins'.
  • controlbar ( bottom )Flash
    Cotrolbar layout ( bottom | over ). For HTML5 controlbar is always in "over" mode

Controlbar buttons

  • replay_button ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows/hide replay button ( true | false ).
  • zoom_button ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows/hide zoom button ( true | false ).
  • size_button ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows/hide video rescaling button ( true | false ).
  • volume_button ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows/hide volume button ( true | false ).
  • fullscreen_button ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows/hide fullscreen button ( true | false ).

Viral icons

  • viral_menu ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows ( true ) or hides ( false ) viral menu icon.
  • viral_share ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows ( true ) or hides ( false ) viral share icon.
  • viral_slomo ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows ( true ) or hides ( false ) viral menu icon.
  • viral_offset ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Y offset measured in pixels from top for viral icons.
  • viral_align ( right )Flash+HTML5
    Horizontal alignment for viral icons ( right | left ).

Menu window

  • related_show ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows (true) or hides (false) related videos box (if defined)
  • embed_show ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows (true) or hides (false) embed links and code box.
  • email_show ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows (true) or hides (false) email menu box.
  • share_show ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows (true) or hides (false) sharing menu box.
  • screen_show ( true )Flash+HTML5
    Shows (true) or hides (false) video display settings box.


  • fallbackOrder ( flash,html5 )Flash+HTML5
    Decides about player fallback order. If you set this option with opposite order (html5/flash), HTML5 player will be used first to play media files
  • stretching ( aspect )Flash+HTML5
    Default window stretch mode (later stored as cookie). Possible values: aspect | fit .
  • autostart ( false )Flash+HTML5
    Set this to true to automatically start the player on load. May not work on all HTML5 devices
  • volume ( 60 )Flash+HTML5
    Startup volume of the player. Can be 0 to 100.
  • usetooltips ( true )Flash
    Set this to "false" if you do not want tooltips showing over controlbar buttons.
  • bufferlength ( 3 )Flash
    Number of seconds of the file that has to be loaded before starting. Set this to a low value to enable instant-start and to a high value to get less mid-stream buffering
  • onclick ( playpause )Flash
    Decides of action when video window clicked. Default action is play and pause video (playpause). If set to "link" opens video URL (if previously defined). Useful for embeded player.
  • linktarget ( _self )Flash
    Decides of action when video window clicked. Default action is play and pause video (playpause). If set to "link" opens video URL (if previously defined). Useful for embeded player.
  • statscript ( undefined )Flash
    Location of the script (php, asp) to which Nuevoplayer posts values for different tasks.
  • linktarget ( _self )Flash + HTML5
    Decides of action when video window clicked. Default action is play and pause video (playpause). If set to "link" opens video URL (if previously defined). Useful for embeded player.
    Click below to see what tasks are supported and what variables are sent.


  • barlogo ( undefined ) Flash + HTML5
    Location of an external jpg, png or gif image for controlbar right side small logo image.
  • logo ( undefined ) Flash + HTML5
    Location of an external jpg, png or gif image for the the watermark logo image.
  • logourl ( undefined ) Flash + HTML5
    Link to direct to when the watermark image is clicked on.
  • logoalign ( RT ) Flash + HTML5
    The corner in which to display the logo. In can be one of the following: LT (left-top), RT (right-top), LB (bottom-left), RB (bottom-right)
  • logooffsetx ( 10 ) Flash + HTML5
    X offset (in pixels) from window border.
  • logoofsety ( 10 ) Flash + HTML5
    Y offset (in pixels) from window border.
  • logotarget ( undefined ): Optional window target when logo picture clicked (possible values: _blank or _self)

Flash context menu

  • menuitem ( true ) Flash
    Shows your link in flash context menu (shown when right clicked over the player). Set this to false if you do not want the link in menu.
  • menutext ( undefined ) Flash
    Text of the link to show in context menu
  • menulink ( undefined ) Flash
    Link to direct to when link in context menu clicked.

Language settings

  • tip_replay - default 'Replay' (over replay button)
  • tip_playlist - default 'Playlist' (over playlist button)
  • tip_slomo - default 'Slow Motion' (over slow motion button)
  • tip_zoom - default 'Zoom' (over zoom button)
  • tip_size - default: 'Control video size' (over size [rescaling] button)
  • tip_fullscreen - default: 'Switch to fullscreen' (over fullscreen button in normal mode)
  • tip_fullscreen_back - default: 'Switch to normal view' (over fullscreen button in fullscreen mode)
  • tip_menu - default: 'Menu' (over menu button)
Video controls window
  • langBrightness - default: 'Brightness'
  • langSaturation - default: 'Saturation'
  • langContrast - default: 'Contrast'
  • langSmoothing - default: 'Smoothing'
  • langDefaults - default: 'RESET'
  • langSettingsOk - default: 'OK'
Embed & Link window
  • langNA - default: 'N/A' (shown when embed code or link code not available)
  • langURL - default: 'URL'
  • langEmbedCode - default: 'Embed code'
  • langCopyLink - default: 'COPY LINK'
  • langCopyEmbed - default: 'COPY EMBED'
Email window
  • langYourName - default: 'Your Name'
  • langFriendEmail - default: 'Email to Friend'
  • langMessage - default: 'Message'
  • langSend - default: 'SEND'
  • langThankYou - default: 'Thank You'
  • langThankYou - default: 'Thank You'
  • langEmailMessage - default: 'Your message has been succesfully sent.'
  • langEmailSendMore - default: 'Send this video to next friend.'
  • langError - default: 'ERROR'
  • langErrorClose - default: 'CLOSE'
  • langInvalid - default: 'Invalid friend's email format'
  • langNoName - default: 'Please enter your Name.'
  • langNoMessage - default: 'Please write short message.'
Menu window
  • langMenuRelated - default: 'RELATED'
  • langMenuEmail - default: 'EMAIL'
  • langMenuShare - default: 'SHARE'
  • langMenuEmbed - default: 'EMBED'
  • langMenuResume - default: 'RESUME' (button Resume)
  • langMenuReplay - default: 'REPLAY' (button Replay)
Guide window
  • langRuntime - default: 'Runtime'
Share window
  • langShare - default: 'Share, Email & RSS.'
Video sizing window
  • langSize - default: 'Size'
  • langFit - default: 'Fit to window'
  • langAspect - default: 'Keep aspect ratio'
  • langZoomInfo - default: 'Drag screen to change zoomed area'
  • langEmbedLimit - default: 'We are sorry, watch daily limit reached.'
  • langAdvert - default: 'Advertisement'
  • langSkipAd1 - default: 'You can skip to video in xxx s'
  • langSkipAd2 - default: 'Skip Ad'

Overlay Ad Plugin Flash only

  • overlay_id ( undefined ) Flash + HTML5
    Unique id used to identify Overlay Ad.
  • overlay_media ( undefined ) Flash + HTML5
    Location of image (jpg, png, gif) or SWF file, used to shown as Overlay Ad.
  • overlay_start ( 10 ) Flash + HTML5
    Time (seconds) when Overlay start showing.
  • overlay_pause ( true ) Flash + HTML5
    If "true", video is paused when overlay appears ( true | false )
  • overlay_delay ( 0 ) Flash + HTML5
    Delay in seconds for overlay close button,
  • overlay_url ( undefined ) Flash + HTML5
    Link to website to go when overlay Ad clicked.
  • overlay_target ( _blank ) Flash + HTML5
    Window target for overlay URL ( _blank | _self ).

Ticker plugin Flash only

Plugin name: ticker
  • ticker_text ( undefined ) Flash
    ticker text to display (can use simple html text formatting)
  • ticker_start ( undefined ) Flash
    time (in seconds) when label message starts showing.
  • ticker_runtime ( undefined ) Flash
    runtime (in seconds). How long label is displayed. Depreciated if label text long and requires scrolling.
  • ticker_scrollspeed ( 0 ) Flash
    scrolling speed for long texts (1-10).
  • ticker_bgopacity ( 50 ) Flash
    ticker back opacity (0-100).
  • ticker_url ( undefined ) Flash
    optional. website URL to go when ticker clicked.
  • ticker_target ( _blank ) Flash
    window target for ticker URL ( _blank | _self ).

Watch time limit plugin

  • limit_time ( undefined ): time in seconds when video should stop.
  • limit_media ( undefined ): location of an external jpg, png, gif image or swf file to overlay when watch time limit reached.
  • limit_url ( undefined ): link to direct to when limit image or swf file clicked.
  • limit_target ( undefined ): window target for watch time URL ( _blank | _self ).

Midroll Ads plugin Flash only

  • midroll_xml ( undefined ): Location of midroll ads XML file (check example below).
  • midroll_background ( 000000 ): Midroll box background color.
  • midroll_opacity ( 50 ): Midroll background opacity ( 0-100 ).
  • midroll_outline ( true ): Show/hide midroll outline ( true | false ).
  • midroll_canclose ( true ): Show/hide midroll close button ( true | false ).
  • midroll_abouttext ( undefined ): Optional "about" link text in top left corner.
  • midroll_abouturl ( undefined ): Optional "about" link URL in top left corner.
  • midroll_defstart ( 5 ): Time in seconds to start display midroll ad.
  • midroll_defruntime ( 8 ): Default time in seconds to display single midroll ad.
  • midroll_titlecolor ( FFFFFF ): Title text color.
  • midroll_desccolor ( 999999 ): Description text color.
  • midroll_linkcolor ( 999999 ): Link text color.
  • midroll_hovercolor ( FF0000 ): Text colors when mouse over.
  • midroll_aboutcolor ( 999999 ): About link text color.

  • midroll_ttle ( undefined ): Title line for midroll ad
  • midroll_description ( undefined ): Description line for midroll ad
  • midroll_display_url ( undefined ): Line with link string
  • midroll_url ( undefined ): website URL to go when ad clicked
  • midroll_duration ( undefined ): time in seconds to display midroll ad
  • midroll_image ( undefined ): optional small banner picture URL
  • midroll_id ( undefined ): midroll ad unique Id used to count views and hits by external script

Midroll XML

Here's an example of midroll XML file, used to load midroll ads overlayed at bottom of the player.
Once XML create or generated by the script, you must define midroll_xml option with URL to XML midroll ads file.
You can define multiple midroll ads shown in rotation, each at defined time intervals.

  • midroll_xml ( undefined ): points to URL of XML file with midroll configuration and ad options.
    Below you can find example XML with midroll configuration options and 2 ads in rotation.
           <id>unique ad id 1</title>    
           <title><![CDATA[ad title 1]]></title>        
           <description>![CDATA[ad description 1]]></description>
           <display_url>ad link text 1</display_url>
           <url>ad URL to go</url>
           <image>banner URL</imagen>         
           <id>unique ad id 2</title>
           <title><![CDATA[ad title 2]]></title>        
           <description><![CDATA[ad description 2]]></description>
           <display_url>ad link text 2</display_url>
           <url>ad URL to go</url>
           <duration>10</duration>            //midroll show time (seconds)
           <image>banner URL</imagen>         //small banner image, can be jpg, gif or png

For all supported script by use do not have to bother about Nuevoplayer options. For each ordered player we deliver dedicated Nuevoplayer management system which allows to set each Nuevoplayer option in easy way. We also provide ready ad systems for each supported ads system, so it is very easy to create and manage ads.