Nuevoplayer for AVS Script integration

admin menu

Nuevo Player is fully integrated with AVS script's Siteadmin.
There is no need to edit or set manually any player's configuration files.

Once NuevoPlayer installed, you will find new TAB NUEVO in your Siteadmin.
On left you have number of links that makes Nuevoplayer menagement the easiest thing it can be.

Player settings and options can be set separately for website, embed and blog player.
You can create or edit language files for Nuevoplayer, make use of time watch limit free plugin.

Player settings 1 Player settings 2 Player settings 3 Player settings 4 Language editor Time watch limit plugin

Nuevoplauer management system includes 4 advertising systems: preroll ads, overlay ads, midroll ads and message ticker.
For each type of ad you can create or edit multiple ads, later displayed by Nuevoplayer in random order.

Preroll ads Midroll ads Ticker messages

For most types of ads you can set expiry date, trace number of views and clicks, you can assign ads for certain video channel only.
Preroll ads work in both mode, flash and html5. Rest only in flash mode.

Nuevoplayer integration is compatible with AVS script versions 2 and 3.

Fee free to review how Nuevoplayer is integrated with AVS version 3 script.