Nuevoplayer AnyAd Premium Plugin

This great overlay plugin allows to display any HTML object over Nuevoplayer.
HTML content can be just anything, picture with link, javascript code from any ad network, iframe code, flash object.
Overlay plugin can appear before video with some timeout or just clicked to close, on each pause event or as midroll overlay
at any time video position. You can use one of two different AnyAd close buttons, you can delay close button to appear!

Ads examples using AnyAd plugin

Imagine any dimensions, any HTML code, any javascript code, flash object, iframe that you can set for video advertising purpose!

PayPal Donate 336x280 Large Image Rectangle (before video with timeout and on each pause event)
365x275 Ad Image Banner with transparent background (on each pause event with 5 seconds close delay of first appearance)
HTML 468x60 Midroll Ad Banner with link to service (with small close button, appears after 5 seconds)
HTML Midroll Ad Banner with delayed close button (appears after 5 seconds)

Available options and settings

Ad type
- before video starts with timeout or close button
- as above + on each pause event
- on each pause event
- as midroll banner that appears after certain number of seconds
Progressbar timeout
Set number of seconds for ads with timeout
Ad background
- can be any color or transparent
Ad content
- can be any HTML, javascript code, javascript source, iframe or flash
Ad timeout progressbar color
- can set any color for timeout progressbar
Ad close button
- choose between 2 types of buttons: rounded big circle and small square
Delayed close button
- Set number of seconds to display close button with delay
Ad expiration date
- set expiration date not to display ad any more

You can create multiple different ads and display one later in random order.
Plugin is available for each type of integration.
It comes with dedicated management system which allows to create, and edit ads with ease.

Price € 25.00

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This plugin is available automatically to download after succesfull purchase and it cannot be
a matter of chargback or PayPal dispute. Before purchase each user is allowed to review software
on demo page, read about requirements, options or suggestions.