Nuevoplayer AnyAd v.2.5 Plugin


This newest VERSION 2 of great overlay plugin which allows to display any HTML advertising box over our player.
HTML content can be just anything, picture with link, javascript code from any ad network, iframe code, flash object.
New version of plugin works only with latest Nuevoplayer version. Check new features, options and improvements.

New header bar with text or small logo picture available to change by user
Options to hide header and surrounding border (white or black)
New option to display midroll banner on pause event
New technology to scale entire ad box if it is higher or wider than player, very useful for small mobile devices)
No need to define ad box size anymore. It fit anyAd automatically to desired size
New technology to center ad box automatically when browser's window resized (useful especially for responsive layouts)
Video fade out effect in paused mode with ad box
Desktop and HTML5 compatibility, from large to smallest layouts

Ad Examples

Imagine any dimensions, any HTML code, any javascript code, flash object, iframe that you can set for video advertising purpose!
Check examples below! Resize browser and watch centering and scaling features, check on any mobile device or tablet!

1. Rectangle banner with header and white border (showing on each pause event) 2. Midroll Banner 468x60 (appear after 5 seconds and on each Pause event). No border and header. 3. Rectangle Ad Banner without header and border, appear before video with timeout and on each pause. 4. Rectangle Ad Banner with close delay, appear before video and on each pause.

Available options and settings

Ad type
- before video starts with timeout or close button
- as above + on each pause event
- on each pause event
- as midroll banner that appears after certain number of seconds and optionally on each payuse event
Progressbar timeout
Set number of seconds for ads with timeout
Delay for close button
- Set number of seconds to show close button with delay
Show / hide header rectangle
- decide if header above ad should display
Header background and text color
- use any color for header background and text
Header logo picture
- optionally use small logi picture (max 20px high) instead of header text
Ad border
- switch on /off border or choose between white and black color
Ad shadow
- decide if display ad with dark or light shadow surrounding ad box
Ad content
- can be any HTML, javascript code, javascript source, iframe or flash
Ad expiration date
- set expiration date not to display ad any more
Version 2.5 new
- full support for embedded ifeamed player,
- new settings for midroll ads with option to show/hide ad while playing video
- option to position ad vertically

You can create multiple different ads and rotate it later in random order.
Plugin doesn't require complicated installation. Just upload files and use it!
It doesn't matter if this is first installation or upgrade.
Working with latest Nuevoplayer v.8 available to download in clientarea for Nuevoplayer 8 license owners.

At the moment available only for AVS 3.x and Clipshare 5 script integration.

Price € 25.00

Upgrade € 10.00

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This plugin is available automatically to download after succesfull purchase and it cannot be
a matter of chargback or PayPal dispute. Before purchase each user is allowed to review software
on demo page, read about requirements, options or suggestions.