Nuevoplayer Captions Free Plugin

The Captions plugin for Nuevoplayer supports the display of closed captions .
Captions are read from external files in the SubRip plain-text format.

Captions Configuration Options

captions (undefined)Location (URL) of the valid SubRip SRT captions file.
cc_status (on)Initial display status for captions (on / off)
cc_color (FFFFFF)Default text color (default white) in hex format.
cc_font (Arial,sans-serif)Default font family.

Supported Format

Captions plugin supports most popular SubRip plain-text (SRT).
The SubRip captions format uses plain text files. Here's an example:

00:00:02,000 --> 00:00:5,900
This is example of movie captions.
00:00:06,000 --> 00:00:12,900
Captions can be supplied with <u>XML</u> file in <font color="#ff0000">TimedText</font> or SRT format.
00:00:41,100 --> 00:00:46,900
You can change captions text font!
This is <b>Times New Roman</b> now.

SRT files should be saved with UTF8 encoding in order to correctly display special characters of local language.

SRT Captions Text Formatting

By default the SRT format does not support any styling by itself, however you can use a few basic HTML tags allowed in flash applications.

Use <b>, <i> or <u> tags for setting the weight, style and underline.
Use tag like <font color="#ff0000" face="Tahoma"> to set the color and font family.

Review SRT captions file used in video example above: Click to download

Basic player setup

<script type="text/javascript">
nvplayer.start( {
      id:'player',	// same as div id container
      regkey: xxxx,	// your registration key for flash player
      file: '',
      image: '',
      captions: '',
      width:'740',	// player width
      height:'464',	// player height

If you have some dynamic php script like AVS, Clipshare or Clipbucket, we can write integration for your script for about € 20.00,
so you will be able to upload captions XML file from your computer and it will be automatically assigned to sepcific video currently playing by Nuevoplayer.
Such option is already built-in and available for Detube Wordpress theme.

Nuevoplayer captions are sized automatically, based on player dimensions, so there is no need to set font size for it.
Nuevoplayer captions support multi lines, just as it is presented in video above and captions SRT file.

Captions is built in Nuevoplayer plugin.
Feel free to experiment with provided settings and documentation.

Please note that we do not offer individual assistance or lessons concerning creating and using video captions.
Captions plugin works in both mode, flash and HTML5!