Peel effect Nuevoplayer Premium Plugin

This nice plugin for flash version of Nuevoplayer has 4 simple options.

Picture file URL
Title displayed in top of plugin
Short description displayed under title
URL of website to go when peel effect clicked

For all supportd integrations all options are easy to set and use.
Management system allows to generate multiple different effects
in easy way for later display in random order.

For inquiring users here's the list of options available to set.

peel.image (Picture file URL (jpg, gif, png)
peel.title (Peel effect title at the top of picture)
peel.subtitle (Peel effect's description under title)
peel.url (URL to go when effect clicked) (Window target here to open URL: _blank or _self

Price € 15.00

Available for all types of integration

This plugin is available automatically to download after succesfull purchase and it cannot be
a matter of chargback or PayPal dispute. Before purchase each user is allowed to review software
on demo page, read about requirements, options or suggestions.