Progressbar Thumbs Premium Plugin

For this 1 minute long video Nuevoplayer make use of 50 thumbs displayed with 2 seconds frequency.

Switch for long 40 minutes video with progressbar thumbs

Just move your mouse over player's progress bar to see the plugin in action.
This is same effect seen on very few video services, recently also on youtube.

Why Nuevoplayer progressbar thumbs feature is good?

Nuevoplayer progressbar thumbs plugin is really unique idea by
The plugin use only one HTTP request for one jpg file, even if there is over hundreds of thumbs to display.
The number of thumbs depend on video length and gives best possible accurancy in display.

Plugin options

slidebackcolor (default: e5e5e5) Changes background color of progressbar thumb cotainer
slidetextcolor (default: 000000) Changes text color of time text inside progressbar thumb container

Switch to see thumbs in container with black backround and white text

Progressbar thumbs plugin requires special jpg format file with picture consisting of thumbs grid of certain size.
It's pretty complicated to explain how to generate video thumbs and combine it into one complex jpg file.
That's why Progressbar Thumbs Plugin is available only for certain video scripts that we are able to prepare automatic thumbs generator.

Price € 35.00 25.00

Offered only as installation service (FTP access required) due to code complexity and security.
Reinstallaion price is minimum € 10.00 and requires access to client files.

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Offered with automatic and manual thumbs bitmap generator according to certain script's settings