Nuevoplayer Watch Limit Plugin

This free Watch Time Limit plugin allows to limit video playback to certain time value only.
Check demo above, you can watch only 10 seconds of video. After 10 seconds video stops and limit info is displayed.

Watch limit options

limit_time (undefined) Set any value (seconds) for watch time limit
limit_media (undefined)URL of picture file to display when limit reached (gif,jpg,png)
limit_url (undefined)URL to go when limit picture clicked
limit_target (_self)Target window for URL to go (_self or _blank)

The plugin is free to use however it is not implemented in our integrations.
Simply plugin's usage depends of each webmaster's needs and his script's or CMS options.

As always best is to set plugin's options in single config XML file, which contains all other player options.
Such config file we use for each integration delivered to the client upon Nuevoplayer order.
Below you can find XML and PHP examples of Watch Time plugin usage.


print "<limit_time>30</limit_time>\n";
print "<limit_media></limit_media>\n";
print "<limit_url></limit_url>\n";
print "<limit_target>_blank</limit_target>\n";

Watch Time plugin work in both mode, flashand HTML5