Ad Blocker Control Mod

Ad Block message Mod for AVS script V6,v7 or Clipshare v8, v9

Many users have Ad Block plugin installed in their browser. This cause that your website is practically useless for them. User can't see ads, often this makes video watching not possible.

Ad Block plugin searches for scripts, inner element content with Ad word in text, URL, claa name. Unfortunately AVS and Clipshare script use this name for ad placements, so even if it's empty, Ad Blocker gets active.
First step is to change this across all your template files with Ad placements. While doing it it's also suggested to make ad placement with overlow hidden style to secure it against website responsivity break when Ad is bigger than expected website size.
Our mod includes simple script to overwrite existing Ad placement style in your css file and consequetnly apply it to all your template files where Ad placement appears.

Certainly you don't like to loose possible incomes from Ads and bandwidth because of users with Ad Blockers. The mod we offer detects AdBlock in browser, so you can restrict watching video users with AdBlocker active and encourage them to disable it at least for your website, by displaying appropritae message over player in elegant way. See the screenshot.

AVS/Clipshare AdBlock mod: € 15.00

Optional installation service € 10.00

Each Nuevolab modification is tested and verified, available to review on live example website. For each modification we include detailed installation tutorial in html format. Tutorial concerns script's default code. For each modification we also offer installation service which price is minimum € 10.00. Once product delivered to buyer it cannot be a matter of chargeback request or PayPal dispute. Nuevolab free support cannot concern self installation, as it is not possible to guess how script was installed and what possible website code can be or server setup is.
Nuevolab reserves maximum 48 hours (usually much faster) to deliver ordered products.