Better Video Comments System

Video Comments system for AVS script versions V6, V7 or Clipshare v8, V9

Key features

Option to comment by guests, fully controlled by Admin.
Modern style avatars for users without photo uploaded and for guests.
Much easier Admin comments management, all in one place instead for individual videos only.

Comments is very important thing on websites with hundreds or thousands pages generated automatically.
Most of video pages are very similar, with very small part of written content. Comments can add a lot of unique value to such pages, often updated. This is important sign for search engines to rank them higher than competitive websites pages.

Unfortunately most of websites, including AVS/Clipshare script based websites allow to comment only by registered users.
Our comments system for videos breaks this limit and allow to comment by every guest. For security reason guest comment is not active until website Admin accept it to display. For every new guest comment Admin receives an email with comment content and options to accept or delete comment. Admin can also ban guest's IP if he finds comment to be a spam.
Since guest comments are allowed, you can generate as many comments as you want YOURSELF, using different names without need to login website.
Read about comments importance on Nuevolab Blog.
New comments system comes with modern colorful avatars for guest comment sender and for user without photo avatar uploaded.
New comments system also comes with new Admin mamagement system, which is much more handy to manage than comments accesible for single Video only. You have all video comments in one place, with options to sort by ID, video Id and comment status. New comments section also allows to search comments by video id, comment content and comment sender. See the screenshot below.

AVS Comments

You can check and test new comments frontend on our live test website:
Feel free to comment as guest or as registered user. Spammy or nonsense comments will not be published.

AVS/Clipshare comments mod: € 25.00

Optional installation service € 10.00

Each Nuevolab modification is tested and verified, available to review on live example website. For each modification we include detailed installation tutorial in html format. Tutorial concerns script's default code. For each modification we also offer installation service which price is minimum € 10.00. Once product delivered to buyer it cannot be a matter of chargeback request or PayPal dispute. Nuevolab free support cannot concern self installation, as it is not possible to guess how script was installed and what possible website code can be or server setup is.
Nuevolab reserves maximum 48 hours (usually much faster) to deliver ordered products.