Advanced FFMPEG video conversion

Available for AVS script versions 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and Clipshare 5.x, 6.x, 7x

Since AVS/Clipshare conversion class is based on mplayer/mencoder commands, it can be a source of trouble with video conversion in many cases, especially when encoding mp4 format video. It's been long time when ffmpeg released much more newer library with h264/mp4 dedicated commands and presets. If you really care about video encoding or experience trouble with conversion, this is the highest time to think about compilation of newer ffmpeg version and switch to ffmpeg only based encoding commands. This brings almost 100% stable video conversion, allows to use new effects like video watermarking.


mencoder/mplayer not required any more! Our conversion class does not use mencoder or mplayer in any place. Also other functions using mplayer were replaced by ffmpeg commands. So in result there is no even need to install mplayer and mencoder on server. Or no need to worry if mplayer or mencoder doesn't work properly.

faster conversion We have measured and compared h264/mp4 video conversion speed. For some type of videos ffmpeg can be even 30-50% faster than same conversion using mencoder! If you need it faster or slower you can simply choose ffmpeg encoding speed presets. Using ffmpeg conversion you don't need separate commands to extract WAV sound, convert it to MP4, mux video and sound.

video rotation control Newer ffmpeg version has option to rotate video automatically!
When you upload video recorded in portrait mode from tablet or mobile device, it's usually rotated 90 degrees left or right. Our script takes care about such videos and rotates video into right direction. It also cares about right aspect ratio once video rotated, what is still a problem when uploading video from mobile.

video watermarking Our ffmpeg conversion class enables video watermarking from both: PNG image and/or text.
Watermarking is included into same conversion process, so it does not affect conversion speed.
We prepared some advanced admin modification which allows to:
- switch watermarking on/off
- position watermark in one of 4 video corners
- allows to change font for text based watermark
- allows to change color and transparency for text based watermark
- allows to add shadow (any color) for text based watermark - allows to watermark video from PNG image - allows to watermark only SD video or both SD and HD


Our FFMPEG conversion class requires one of newer ffmpeg versions compiled on server with freetype and libfdk-aac enabled.
On Nuevolab blog we have posted a tutorial how to install FFMPEG, including all shared libraries on CENTOS 6.
Such installation service is not included with the mod. Also due to limited time we cannot offer such installation to every client.
Still you can ask Nuevolab for such service and price. Our preferred system for such installation is CENTOS and servers that Nuevolab compiled libraries in the past.

We have prepared test conversion script which you can download and check if your ffmpeg installation is enough for our advanced conversion script. Just drop us an email or use CONTACT FORM with request.


Latest stable version of FFMPEG is certainly worth installing. It offers many new options, ready presets, is better optimized for conversion speed and CPU usage.
Current AVS/Clipshare5 conversion based on mencoder is not that stable and far slower, does not allow for advanced options like controling video rotation or watermarking in fast and easy way.

Ffmpeg conversion project: € 45.00

Optional installation service € 15.00

Installation service + Modern FFmpeg compilation (special price) € 30.00
   (Server ROOT access required)

Check if your ffmpeg version meets the script requirements (download an execute test script).
You can order ffmpeg compilation on server (minimum version 2.6) compatible with ffmpeg conversion class and few other advanced mods offered by Nuevolab.

Each Nuevolab modification is tested and verified, available to review on live example website. For each modification we include detailed installation tutorial in html format. Tutorial concerns script's default code. For each modification we also offer installation service. Once product delivered to buyer it cannot be a matter of chargeback or PayPal dispute.
Installation timeline: 24-48 hours (usually much faster)