SEO Mod for AVS and Clipshare scripts

(versions AVS v4, v5, v6, v7 Clipshare v6, v7, v8, v9)

This set of modifications improves AVS or Clipshare script SEO performance a lot.
New modification is muchmore extended for even better control over website SEO settings!

AVS and Clipshare script are certainly good scripts. Safe, clean structure, intuitive, open code.
However same as many other scripts it's missing good SEO, important to rank high in search engines.
Set of modifications and ready files by Nuevolab improves SEO score a lot for latest version of AVS and Clipshare scripts.

This is a shortened list of SEO improvements included:
canonical URLs for all most important script pages to avoid duplicates
unique title and description for paginated results
unique custom meta description and meta keywords for each single video and album category
rel-prev and rel-next meta for paginated results (videos,albums,games,blogs)
fix for bad meta description (fixed max length, stripped of double quotes and linebreaks)
fix for video to keep always same URL schema (by default it works also without title slug, or with any extra useless chars)
addon for error pages to keep correct HTML headers status (currently every error page gets 200 OK status, what is very bad)
unique meta title and meta description for static pages.
3 new siteadmin modules to manage easily meta information for general SEO, video and album categories and for static pages.

All those fixes are very important and helps significantly to get much better overall SEO score, so important for search engines. Without fixes you risk tons of duplicates, bad things that hurt your SEO rank a lot.

SEO Mod for AVS v4 or later, Clipshare v6 or later € 30.00

Optional installation service € 10.00

Each Nuevolab modification is tested and verified, available to review on live example website. For each modification we include detailed installation tutorial in html format. Tutorial concerns script's default code. For each modification we also offer installation service which price is minimum € 10.00. Once product delivered to buyer it cannot be a matter of chargeback request or PayPal dispute. Nuevolab free support cannot concern self installation, as it is not possible to guess how script was installed and what possible website code can be or server setup is.
Nuevolab reserves maximum 48 hours (usually much faster) to deliver ordered products.