Ultimate Video Upload Script

Exclusively for AVS script versions v6 and v7 or Clipshare versions v8 or v9.

Upload system with support for asynchronous multiple uploads with modern tags addon.

Key Features

Chunked upload for video files from computer, allows to bypass upload limit.
Drag and Drop support for video files uploaded form computer
Alternative option to upload video from video file URL
Video title, decription and tags filles automatically from video filename (optional)
Modern tags display with option to cancel single tag
Upload multiple photos with thumbs preview and option to cancel single photos prior upload.
Multiple photos upload option without thumbs for faster display on website
Asynchronous upload for both: videos and photos, without need to reload page

User settimgs

- Upload video from URL can be limited for moderator users only. This is new user option that you can decide.
- You can set chunk size for files uploaded from computer (default is 2MB)
- You can decide to populate video title and tags from video filename automatically.


Upload system screenshot 1 Upload system screenshot 2 Upload system screenshot 3 Upload system screenshot 4

ULTIMATE VIDEO SYSTEM is prepared to work with Nuevolab 3 Categories Mod
Upload System was designed for dark and bright default AVS/Clipshare templates.
Ultimate Upload System installation is easy.

Ultimate upload system € 30.00

Installation € 15.00