Available for AVS v4, v5, v6, v7 and Clipshare v5, v6, v7, v8, v9 scripts

New module for your script which collects and displays most popular video tags on your website.
Module can display up to 2000 most popular video tags and allows to search videos by selected tag using URL schema like http://domain/com/tags/videotag
Fast and accurate tags processing is possible thanks to several unique functions used to store and update every video tag in separate database table. Tags are displayed by alphabet, available to limit display result to single alphabet letter fast.
New tags module includes 2 new banner groups, so you can display banners in right and bottom positions of both, tags and search tags pages.

Screenshot #1 (click to enlarge)

Tags module screenshot

Screenshot #2 (click to enlarge)

Tags module screenshot

Live example on website modelctv.com

Tags module supports only English alphabet and latin characters.

Ultimate Tags Mod: € 20.00

Optional installation service € 10.00

Each Nuevolab modification is tested and verified, available to review on live example website. For each modification we include detailed installation tutorial in html format. Tutorial concerns script's default code. For each modification we also offer installation service which price is minimum € 10.00. Once product delivered to buyer it cannot be a matter of chargeback or PayPal dispute. Nuevolab free support cannot concern self installation, as it is not possible to guess how script was installed and what possible website code can be or server setup is.
Nuevolab reserves maximum 48 hours (usually much faster) to deliver ordered products.