Template designed by Nuevolab.com

This is latest template "model" by Nuevolab for video scripts AVS v3.2, v3.3, v4, v6, v6 or Clipshare v.5.1, v5.2, v6, v7, v8

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Template for AVS/Clipshare

Key features

As it was in the past new template by Nuevolab apart of new design also features several unique addons and display effects.
  • Optional glyphicons for header menu items
  • Completely redesigned search bar, much more friendly for mobile devices.
  • Optional featured video on homepage, including list of top catgeoris and right advertising space
  • Top 3 categories on homepage
  • Optional new HD Videos module, showing only HD videos.
  • Optional new Video Tags module.
    Advanced functions and tags storage system allows to display up to 2000 most popular video tags and seaech videos by tag.
  • Video player expander, allows to expand player size to 100% width of website and back on video watch page.
  • New Subscribe button on watch video page. One of basic options on every video website.
  • Category link on video page. Improves internal linking.
  • Redesigned buttons and rating container under video for much better performance on mobile devices.
  • New Thumbs Gallery addon, showing video thumbs on video watch page.
  • Redesigned photo album display. No more separate 'slideshow' duplicate page.
  • Lot of other small display changes to attract design even more.


Template is available in 2 versions: with bright and dark background.
GIF module is not included, available to order as separate module.


Note: Some modules presented on demo webiste are not included into offered template product.
This cocerns modules like video thumbs, gifs module, search suggestions, multiple photo file upload option.
All those advanced modifications are available to order separately, some have specific requirements.


Basic price: € 74.00


  • + Nuevoplayer v.8 (worth € 45.00)
  • + Nuevoplayer AnyAd Premium Plugin (worth € 25.00)
  • OR
  • + VideoJs Player + Nuevo plugin and Theme
  • + AnyAd Premium Plugin for VideoJs
Special price: € 104.00
Save € 40.00 !!!

Available for AVS script, versions 3.2, 3.3, 4, 5, 6 or Clipshare script, versions 5.1, 5.2, 6, 7, 8

BONUS: For scripts AVS v6 or Clipshare v8 template package includes the core of SEO modification by Nuevolab!

Template package is offered with automatic database installer and instruction how to update existing files for new features.
Instruction is 13-14 steps and if you find it too difficult we can help to install template free if you only deliver FTP access to your website files.

Nuevolab template product is as it is. Template files do not conflict with script's php files.
Template price does not include further customization to layout.
We can can provide design and functionality customization only as separate, paid service.
Website's demo logo and homepage graphics is reserved trademark and is not included to offered template product.
Also mutliple photo files upload modification, gifs module and video animated thumbs are not included, however available to order as separate mods. Nuevolab template product once purchased and delivered cannot be a matter of chargeback.
Our product is tested on live websites, live working demo available for review prior purchase.
Nuevolab template is also already working on few clients websites, and this is best recommendation.
Each order is recorded, email conversation and delivery status as well.