Nuevo plugin version 6 for Video Js player

Nuevolab presents version 6 of Nuevo plugin for Video.js player. Sponsored by Brightcove Videojs player is an open source library for working with video on the web with dozens available plugins makes Videojs most advanced and most popular HTML5 player today.

New home for Nuevo plugin

Nuevo plugin is set of advanced player features merged into one javascript file plugin. Latest version of Nuevo plugin v.6.4.1 presentation was moved to new domain Our goal was to separate original products from software related to 3rd party scripts.

The latest version 5 of Nuevo plugin is huge step forward in development. It contains many new useful functions and features, several existing featurues are tewaked to maximum. Also skins layout has been improved and new skin "Shaka" arrived that you can see in demo video above. Below you will find a list of major new features and improvements.

  • New very unique playlist and playlist Ui feature.
  • New customizable context menu or right mouse click.
  • New functions to load media file dynamically and to reconnect video.
  • Icon fonts replaced by base64/woff font to load player faster with less HTTP requests.
  • New elegant skin inspired by Google Shaka player.
  • Completely redesigned, dragable Picture-in-Picture plugin.
  • New option to show quality menu within settings menu.
  • Related container redesigned to support responsive layout fully.
  • Quality picker revisited to support Auto switch for HLS and Mpeg/Dash streams with quality display change on the fly.
  • Fast quality switch between quality variants fro MPEG/Dash stream.

Clients who already signed for Nuevo plugin license through Nuevolab website, still can login Nuevolab to download ordered software (versions 1-4). To upgrade or get license for new domain, you must login through website using same credentials.

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