Nuevo plugin Changelog

Version 1.0.

First version release for videojs framework version 5, including 3 custom skins.

Version 2.0.

Major update of Nuevo plugin and videojs skins by to fit Videojs player version 6.6.3
  • Changed all outdated and depreciated function for Videojs 6
  • Videojs skins by redesigned to fit new Videojs 6 css rules
  • New skin "Treso" released. Breaking videojs skins limits with use of advanced javascript control
  • VAST/VPAID and Google Ima plugin examined and modified for better ads display
  • Separate VAST/Ima player skins, each to fit specific Videojs skin by
  • New "watch time limit" plugin as integral part of Nuevo plugin
  • New Nuevo plugin options for better player control (mousedisplay,timetooltipdisplay, errordisplay)

Version 2.2

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin.
  • Related container redesigned, now allows up to 16 related videos.
  • Settings and resolution menu display changed. Now works on click/touch with timeout for display instead of on mouseover display
  • Automatic videojs skin by detection.

Version 2.3

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin.
  • small updates to support latest videojs version 7
  • "nuevo" variable removed from player setup code. It's no longer required and allows to use standard videojs "data-setup" parameters
  • HLS quality picker updated to pick up possible qualities either by video resolution or by bandwidth, depending on m3u8 playlist's details

Version 3.0

Major update to Nuevo videojs plugin.
  • fully tested with video.js version 6.x and 7.x
  • completely redesigned setting button menu
  • optional resolution switcher menu included into setting menu
  • completely redesigned related videos container, which now allows to include unlimited related video thumbs
  • support for automatic resolution picker for multi bitrate DASH/MPEG streams
  • new option to discard automatic resolution picker for HLS and DASH/MPEG streams
  • new feature which allows to remember last volume value for next play
  • new option to resume video playback from time position it was recently left
  • new premium "Pinko" skin (included intp bundle package)

Version 3.1

Minor update to Nuevo videojs plugin.
  • Video resolution/quality picker serious update. Now it's possible to use multiple M3u8 or mpd playlists for HLS or Mpeg-Dash with standard video fallback! Check this unique HLS stream example
  • Fix for quality switch under IE browsers. Now video starts at the same time it was left before video quality change.

Version 3.2

Minor small update to Nuevo videojs plugin and skins. Tested with videojs 6 and 7 versions.
  • Few small changes for quality picker display.
  • Few fixes and improvements for related videos container.
  • Saved about 12 kB to plugin javascript file due to better compression method.