Videojs & Nuevo integration

Ready integration of Videojs player with ANY possible CMS/script is not possible and is not offered to purchase by Nuevolab.
Each CMS can be very different. Different database, different code, different files and files localization. It's not possible to know details of hundreds possible CMS.

However Nuevolab offers multiple online demo examples covering nearly every aspect of Nuevo plugin for Vidojs, including setup code examples. In addtion with several further videojs online tests presented on Nuevolab website every semi experienced webmaster should not have trouble with using Videojs and Nuevo plugin.
For each client who decide to purchase and use Nuevo plugin we prepared a bunch of HTML demos with most popular videojs setup code examples. This gives another great option to test player on own server, with own media files.

If you still experience a trouble with player setup for his CMS you may consider to ask Nuevolab for dedicated programming service. However you must be prepared fors costs of such service according to Nuevolab hourly rates for programming services.

From many years Nuevolab contibutes video scripts by Envient Network developer, like AVS and Clipshare script. For these two particular video scripts Nuevolab prepared READY integration of Videojs player with Nuevo plugin and skin, extremely easy to install. Once installed, new player is ready to use and website admin has access to player and most of useful Nuevo plugin options, availeable to set in easy way.
Such integration includes automatic progressbar video thumbs generator nad display it later on website, simple preroll video ads system which allows to create multiple ads presented in random order, option to support VR 360° videos. Finally such integration comes with very popular AnyAd plugin, which allows to overlay banner ads from any Ad company, before video or on each pause event - popular method used by many websites already. This popular plugin inscludes several advanced display options available to setup for every single ad. Webmaster can create multiple overlay ads, for different video categories, displayed later in random order.
More advanced dedicated ad system for VAST/VPAID or Google Ima ads is available as separate PREMIUM plugin for mentioned scripts.