Video.js player integration

Integration of Video.js player with own CMS/script is not a matter of product offered by Nuevolab. If you already have video.js integrated on your website, it's very easy to update it and make use either of nuevo plugin or Nuevo theme. All options, including code examples has been described on documentation website page.

Since Nuevolab contibutes several video scripts by offering useful scripts, modifications and programming services, also in case of Video.js we prepared dedicated integration script wchich simplify Video.js player with Nuevo plugin and theme to minimum, even if video.js is not default player for your website. Such integration covers every aspect, every option of Nuevo plugin, making management of player's option very easy.
Nuevo.js plugin includes some advanced code to support popular AnyAd plugin, which allows to display overlay object with any type of HTML code, including code from any ad network. Same code allows to display in-video from such companie like Ad Networks like Exoclick, AdXpansion or EroAdvertising. If you already purchase AnyAd plugin for Nuevoplayer, it will work for video.js same well. You only need to move 1 file into new location.