Nuevo Plugin Basic License

License is valid for 3 domain (includes any number of subdomains).
The license is also valid for "localhost" if you wish to test player in local development environment.
Without license none of Nuevo plugin functions will work and Player skin goes messed.
You need to provide at least one website URL that you plan to use Nuevo plugin. For next two domains you can generate license any time later in Nuevolab clientarea.

Nuevo Plugin Bundle License

The rules are exactly same as for Basic license. Bundle license includes 5 premium skins and Picture2Picture plugin, both with appropriate HTML examples.

What will you get?

Once purchased you gain access to 2 download links for necessary files in ZIP format

First download package includes core Videojs javascript files, bunch of popular plugins, skins by Nuevolab and set of HTML examples.
HTML examples inside "/examples/" directory include 16 pure HTML demos of most popular player usage:
  • Basic Videojs_Nuevo plugin setup example
  • Player setup with watermark options
  • Resolution switcher example
  • Resolution switcher example (2nd version)
  • Related videos setup example
  • Progressbar thumbs setup example
  • Overlay on pause example
  • Keyboard hotkey plugin example
  • Watch time limit plugin setup demo
  • Watch time limit plugin with image option
  • Simple preroll plugin setup demo
  • Google Ima Ads plugin setup example
  • VAST Ads plugin setup example
  • VR 360° Panorama setup demo
  • Resume option example
  • Theater mode example
Bundle package includes 2 additional examples with:
  • Nuevo premium skin usage example
  • Picture2Picture plugin example
Separate package contains latest version of Nuevo plugin that you must upload to "videojs" directory.
Since Nuevo plugin and skin may cantain future fixes or improvements marked as minor plugin version, Nuevolab gives option to download the latest version separately.

Major upgrades rules and price may vary depending on what type of update it is and what version of videojs it concerns.