Order Nuevo plugin for Video.js player

You need to purchase lifetime license to make use of Nuevo plugin & theme for video.js
Registering this product entitles you to support, free updates and useful video.js tips.

Nuevo plugin for Video.js v.1.0

Includes nuevojs.js plugin and custom player theme css
€ 20.00

Only for supported CMS

Video.js integration

Valid only for listed video CMS, includes progress thumbs image generator!.

€ 15.00
Purchased script is usally available to download from clientarea when you login Nuevolab in relatively short time after transaction. In case of delay let us maximum 24 hours to process your order. Once the script downloaded, it cannot be a matter of PayPal dispute or chargeback request. We offer live preview of almost every aspect of the script including online documentation that you can review prior purchase.
Lifetime license is for one domain name only, including subdomains. If you need the nuevo.js script for next domain you must purchase second instance of the basic Nuevo plugin for Video.js.
Integration script is valid for each single major CMS version (including minor versions). You can request change of CMS integration on additional order request, available in Nuevolab clientarea.