Preroll video demo Nuevo plugin for video.js

Preroll video example Preroll video plugin is already included into Nuevo plugin and easy to use. However it requries to load videojs-contrib-ads plugin, available to download on GitHub or here from Nuevolab resources.

Preroll plugin apart of preroll video URL allows to define Skip Ad time (in seconds) and target URL to go when preroll video clicked. "Skip Ad" option with 5 seconds delay is default. If you prefer not to use "Skip Ad" option you have "allowSkip" option which you can set to false. Below you can see player setup code for this example video with preroll video. Our version of preroll video plugin is little bit smarter than you can find elsewhere. It works properly with video resolution plugin, also works before youtube video delivered by youtube plugin.

<script type=text/javascript" src="/video.min.js"></script>
<script type=text/javascript" src="/"></script>
<script type=text/javascript" src="/nuevo.min.js"></script>

<video id="myplayer" class="video-js vjs-default-skin" poster="" controls preload="auto">
  <source src="" default res="480" label="480p" type="video/mp4">
  <source src="" default res="720" label="720p" type="video/mp4">

var player = videojs('myplayer',nuevo,function(){