Videojs + Nuevo plugin and theme various tests

We have prepared multiple examples covering different aspects, features and plugins available for Videojs player with Nuevo plugin and theme. Stay tuned with this page for more examples coming in time...


WebVTT multilanguage captions example


Original plugin by to present PIP small video in right bottom corner at the end of main video. Just as seen on TV programms and films.


Original plugin by showing sticked minimized player at the bottom of page when page scrolled down outside of original player. Very useful on mobile devices especially!


Popular plugin as far available only for Videojs with Nuevo plugin. Imagine ads from any ad network, or ads based on any HTML code overlayed on video.js player!

Keyboard Hotkeys Plugin Demo

Very good, configurable plugin which enables keyboard hotkeys for basic video.js actions

Video Js HLS Adaptive Streaming

Check multiple tests of HLS streaming with Video Js and Nuevo plugin and skin

Video Js HLS fragmented fMP4 streaming

Check modern fragmented fMP4 HLS streaming test (announced by Apple in June 2016)

MPEG-DASH Streaming Test

Testing MPEG-DASH playback support through a video.js player with Nuevo plugin and skin

Video Js Live Streamning

Check live streaming example using Video Js player with Nuevo plugin and skin