AnyAd overlay for Video.js player

Overlay Ads for Video.js player AnyAd Overlay script was developed for Nuevoplayer by Nuevolab few years ago and became one of most popular plugins. So we decided to develope almost same plugin, or evenbetter for Video Js player too.
AnyAd scipt allows to display banner ads from any HTML source. This can be HTML object like image, iframe, javascript or just any other HTML code. As you can guess this can be also javascript or iframe code from any Ad Network. AnyAd plugin can be displayed before video, on each pause event or as midroll ad at desired time position. When displayed before video you can use one of two clode dealy options. One shows progressbar for ad close desired time delay, second hides close button for desired time.
For centered banners (not midroll ads) you can decide to show or not to show ad header, with desired header text. You can also decide to show 12 pixels border around ad or display ad without any border. There are really many different settings which allows to control overlay ad in details. Check examples below for 3 different types of ad display.
Banner ad on each pause event and before video with progressbar timeout delay Banner ad on each pause event with close button show delay (click pause when playing video) Midroll ad showing at desired time position and later on each pause event (wait 5 seconds)
AnyAd script is available only for dedicated video CMS that Nuevolab supports for video.js player.