Picture2Picture plugin for Videojs player

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Overview This is premium plugin by Nuevolab, a kind of Picture In Picture effect, often seen on TV programms and films.
The plugin presents video in a small preview video window in right bottom corner. The video can be whatever you decide... next video to play, featured video, promoted video or anything else. By default PiP window with video appears 30 seconds before the main video end. It's possible to change the moment it shows, for example to 60 seconds. PiP video is muted (no sound) with option to display PiP video title and with link button to website page with promoted video.
PiP plugin comes with several options:
  • src - video file url (required)
  • url - webiste URL with full PiP video (required)
  • title - video title (optional)
  • start - time to start PiP video playback (default: 0)
  • offset - time offset from the end of main video to show PiP video (default 30)
  • loop - set false to abort PiP video loop plaback (default: true)
  • piptitle - a string in PiP top bar. (default: "Coming Next...")
  • watchtitle - a string for PiP link button. (default: "Watch Now...")
  • redirect - set true to redirect to PiP video URL owhen main video ended (default false)

PiP plugin setup for Videojs player. You need to load CSS PiP stylesheet and javascript PiP plugin.
<link href="//example.com/videojs/plugins/videojs.pip.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
<script href="//example.com/videojs/video.min.js"></script>
<script src="//example.com/videojs/plugins/videojs.pip.min.js"></script>
<script src="//example.com/videojs/nuevo.min.js"></script>
Initialize videojs with Nuevo plugin and PiP plugin.

var player = videojs('video_1');
	option: option_value
		src: '//domain.com/path-to/pip_video.mp4',
		url: ''//domain.com/path-to/video_page.html,
		title:'Title for PiP video',
		offset: 60,

  • Since PiP video is presented in a small PiP window, it is suggested to load relatively small resolution video, for example 240p.
  • Best scenario is when you can prepare and load PiP trailer video, small resolution, not too long. For example 60 seconds or even shorter.
  • Do not use redirect option (true) for iframed player.