Video.js Logo image


Logo image setup with Nuevo plugin As you can see in video example above (top/right corner), Nuevo plugin allows to overlay logo image either in left or right top corner of Video.js player. You can also define logo click url and logo transparency (0-100).
Available logo options:
  • logo - path to logo image (png, jpg, gif)
  • logourl - path to website URL to go on logo click
  • logoposition - logo position (RT - right/top, LT - left/top)
  • logoalpha - logo transparency (1 - 100)
Just try to change logo position and transparency and check Nuevo plugin setup code.

Logo position:    Logo transparency    

var player = videojs('example_video_1',{},function(){ 
		logo: '//',
		logourl: '//',
		logoposition: 'RT',
		logoalpha: 100