VAST/VPAID ads and Videojs


Playing VAST/VPAID ads in Videojs player Among many available free Video.js plugins you will also find VAST/VPAID Ad Serving plugins, Unfortunately those plugins were not updated from long time and are not compatible with latest Videojs v6 develpment.
At the moment best solution is to use Google Ima plugin, which supports properly VAST/VPAID tag. With fixes by Nuevolab and custom Ads container skin VAST video ads work pretty well.
Just watch example video above with VAST 4 skipable IAB Demo Ad, pay attention to VAST events under player.

Nuevo plugin license owner receives all required files and detailed tutorial on how to setup player for VAST/VPAID ads,
including code setup and html examples.

if you wish to test your VAST tag or VAST xml you can do it on Google Video Suite Inspector