Nuevolab Services

With over 500 different server installations done we've never failed with single one!

Audio/Video Encoding Libraries Setup
   € 40.00
Installation of linux libraries and tools required for audio/video encoding.
Includes installation ffmpeg version 3 minimum, codecs and related libraires.
On demand extended instllations of tools like Mediinfo, Gpac, MP4Box, etc. Available only for servers with ROOT access.
Installation timeline: maximum 48 hours (usually much faster)
Cutom programming services
Script programming services including php, mysql, html, css, javascript, jQuery based on hourly rates.
  • first hour - € 20.00
  • each next hour - € 15.00
  • each next hour above 10 hours - € 10.00

If you have any questions or requests regarding Nuevolab services, please use our Contact Foem