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With over 500 different server installations done we've never failed with single one!

Apache streaming mods (FLV,X-264) + mod-auth-token
Lighttpd alternative
   € 35.00
Apache streaming mods allows you to seek in video files regarding of video load status. No need to install webserver like lighttpd or nginx. Additionally we install Apache "mod-auth-token", against video leeching as hotlinking protection,
Apache streaming is very stable and same fast as from nginx or lighttpd webserver.
It has advantage over Lighttpd as it streams from default 80 port, accepted by every internet network.
Installation timeline: max. 24 hours (usually faster than 24)
Server ROOT access required!
MySQL Memcached & MySQL Optimizationavailable for Clipshare and AVS video scripts
  € 45.00
This is absolutely MUST for heavy loaded websites.
Installation of famous Memcached MySQL cache engine and optimization of selected MySQL queries for Memcached use.
This can save a lot of CPU and memory with millions of heavy MySQL calls daily ommited!
Installation timeline: max. 24-48 hours
Server ROOT access required!
Server Media Libraries SetupRequired for x264 encoding for video scripts like AVS or Clipshare
   € 45.00
Installation of all media librarires and tools as described above
plus all libs and tools required for x264 high quality (HD) video conversion.
Required by AVS script. Installed only on servers with ROOT access.
Installation timeline: max. 24-48 hours (usually faster than 24)
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* Each installation service is one time job and doesn't include future reinstallation. We take full responsibility and provide free support for bugs in provided script or instllation, however free reinstallation or any other service is not included due to server crash, server change or user's script change or modification.
Once installation service completed on server it cannot be a matter of chargeback request!