Nuevolab Services

With over 500 different server installations done we've never failed with single one!

Audio/Video Encoding Libraries Setup
   € 40.00
Installation of linux libraries and tools required for audio/video encoding in AVS/Clipshare script
Includes installation ffmpeg version 3 minimum, codecs and related libraires.
On demand extended instllations of tools like Mediinfo, Gpac, MP4Box, etc. Available only for servers with ROOT access.
Installation timeline: maximum 48 hours (usually much faster)
Cutom programming services
Script programming services including php, mysql, html, css, javascript, jQuery based on hourly rates.
  • first hour - € 20.00
  • each next hour - € 15.00
  • each next hour above 10 hours - € 10.00

If you have any questions or requests regarding Nuevolab services, please use our Contact Form

Updates of script modifications by Nuevolab
   € 5.00

   € 10.00
Name of the script or modification

Please contact Nuevolab prior order to get information about possible upgrade of certain script(s) by Nuevolab. Some of scripts are free to upgrade and some cost symbolic € 5.00 or € 10.00. The price depends on script's complexity. The price does not include installation service.