What's new in Nuevoplayer version 8

The number of code improovements is really long and not even possible to remeber and quote here,
so we will focus on those most important changes, easy to to see or test.

Smooth design of flash player
We put some job to make flash player display smoother with transitions for buffering icon, viral icons, controlbar, etc.
Perfect Youtube qualities switcher
Now switching bewteen video qualities works perfect and even faster than on youtube website
New "shapes" skin
Sharp and elegant new dark "Shapes" skin, available in both, flash and HTML5 mode
Youtube RSS playlists support
Now you can load and play youtube playlists from RSS link. It supports standard Youtube playlist URLs
youtube user uploads playlists and search result playlists.
Popular LIGHTS OFF premium plugin
Popular lights off effect developed as premium plugin, activated via new viral icon.
Available in both, flash and HTML5 mode.
Tons of improvements to flash source code
Big number of smaller improovements for flash player, new options for overlay ads, optimized captions plugin,
optimized fullscreen playback to suit TV screens and many, many more.
Very advanced HTML5 player now
Nuevoplayer 8 for HTML5 is now almost same as flash version. It supports HD switcher, youtube RSS playlists,
slow motion playback, has aspect ratio control, allows to have logo on player and in controlbar,
supports watch limit plugin, overlay ads and preroll ads, is same smooth with viral icons, controlbar and buffering icon transitions.
Of course it supports HLS streaming on most browsers. All menu windows are responsive now.
It means they resize respectively according to player size.

What do we plan next?

Support for captions in multiple languages for single video
We already know what to do, it's just a matter of some time when we release minor upgrade with such feature.